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Themes and Pricing  

Standard Package 


4 tents: $375

Each additional tent: $50

  • Themed tents

  • Twin mattresses, mattress pads, and sheets

  • Throw blankets

  • Decorative pillows

  • Tray tables

  • Tent lighting

  • Lanterns, flashlights, or light up jars

  • Chalkboard name signs

  • Themed bunting and decor

  • Take home sleep masks and/or small gifts

The Dynamic Duo

A smaller package for a fun night with a bestie!

2 Tents:  $222

Each additional tent: $80

*Head pillows not included for hygienic reasons.  Additional blankets may be needed during colder months.

*Additional items specific to each theme included in the standard package listed below.

*Each theme has a variety of fabrics and decor.  Fabric and decor at party may vary from pictures depending on booking.

*After set-up, a picture will be taken and an additional contract will be signed to verify the set-up is to your expectations.

Enchanted Forest

  • Sparkling fairy tree

  • Fairy name generator

  • Ceramic mushroom decor

  • Rainbow and flip sequin pillows

  • Light-up jar

  • Grass mat for trays

  • Fairy crown, fairy dust, and sleep mask to take home

  • Nail polish and bow for birthday girl

A Night Under the Stars

  • Felt campfire, s'mores, hot dogs, and roasting sticks

  • Log decorative pillows 

  • Handkerchief 

  • Take home flashlight and sleep mask 

  • Ceiling star projector

  • S'more Kit for birthday child.  (Additional available for guests in Add-on section)

Glam Girls

  • Glam and flip sequin pillows

  • Take home crystal pendant (or scrunchy) and sleep mask

  • Personalized body scrub and loofa for birthday girl (additional spa bags available in add-on section)

  • Tranquil Sound soother

  • Tween destiny quizzes and activities 

Under the Sea

  • Mermaid tail blankets

  • Small mermaid doll (not take home, decor only)

  • Large mermaid body pillow for birthday child to use during sleepover

  • Flip sequin and mermaid pillows

  • Sand and shell night light bottles

  • Flip sequin key chain and sleep mask for guests to take home

  • Mermaid gift bag and mermaid charm for birthday child

Unicorn Dreams

  • Unicorn or rainbow night light

  • Unicorn and flip sequin pillows

  • Hanging rainbows

  • Bunting

  • Take home sleep mask and unicorn headband for guests

  • Unicorn gift bag and unicorn sleep mask for birthday child


  • LED color changing sports night lights

  • Hockey, football, basketball, and baseball pillows

  • Take home popcorn container, bag of popcorn, bottle of water, and for guests

  • Popcorn container, bag of popcorn, bottle of water, foam glow stick, "number one" foam finger, and Nike lanyard for birthday child


Candy Land

  • LED candy lights

  • Rainbow fuzzy pillows and bedding

  • Candy cane striped pillows

  • Take home rainbow lollipop, candy container, twirling ribbon, and sleep mask for guests and birthday child

  • Inflatable gummy bear decor

  • Lollipop decor


*All decorations, pillows, trays, bedding, and accessories will be collected upon completion of party.  Take home gifts for children include ONLY sleep mask, small gift associated with theme, and any purchased add-ons. 

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