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  • Is there a DIY option?

         -No.  We do the set up and take down.

  • Do you stay and host the party?

         -No.  We set up and then return the next day (or later if you would reserve more                than one night) to take down and collect items used.

  • What is included in the price?

         -The price includes delivery, set up, and take down.  It includes items on themes

          and pricing page and laundering and disinfecting of linens.

  • Is there a travel fee?

         -If you live within 30 minutes of South Lyon, the delivery is free.  If you are 

          outside of this radius, there is a travel fee depending on the distance.  Please 

          contact for details.  We do have the right to decline due to distance.

  • How do I book?

          -You can send a direct message by filling out the form on the inquiry page.  You 

           can also send direct questions to Once a date

           and theme have been selected, you will be emailed a contract to sign and an 

           invoice.  Your party is not booked until the signed contract and deposit have 

           been received.  


  • Is there a deposit, and how do I pay?

          -A 50% deposit is due in order to save your day.  The remaining 50% balance is 

           due one week before the party.  If you do not pay in full by the one week prior

           date, your party will be cancelled and no refund will be provided.  You may 

           add additional tents and add-ons if they are available.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?

          -Cancellation of a party will result in the loss of your payment unless it is 4                       weeks or more in advance.  You will not receive a refund, but we will reschedule             the party on our first available date.

  • What type of payment is accepted?

          -We accept PayPal to    

  • Are there penalty charges?

          -Damaged, lost, or stolen items will result in a fee equal to their 

           replacements.  If rental equipment is not available at time of pick up, you will

           be charged for an additional night.  

  • How much space is necessary?

          -Each tent measures 4' H, 45"L, 45" D.  It is the client's responsibility to provide 

           and clear out a space with enough room to accommodate each theme.

  • Can the tents be set up outside?

          -No, these are strictly indoor tents.

  • How long is needed for set up and tear down?

          -4 tents take anywhere from 45 minutes to about an hour. Take down is about 30 

           to 45 minutes.

  • Do you move the furniture?

          -No.  The room must be prepped for set up before we arrive.  Not having the 

           room prepared will result in a fee of $15 for every 10 minutes waiting.  We 

           have numerous parties to set up each day, so it is important to be 

           prepared for our arrival.

  • Is a power source required?

          -99% of our items are battery operated.  Some themes may require an outlet, and

           you will be notified of this once the party is booked.

  • Are pillows and blankets provided?

          -Each child should bring his/her own pillow.  We do not provide sleeping     

           pillows for hygienic reasons.  Children may require additional blankets in                         colder months.

  • How are the tents and materials cleaned?

          -After each event all bedding is laundered. Mattresses, tent covers, decorative                     pillows and styling items are disinfected and spot cleaned.

  • ​Are you taking additional precautions during COVID?

          -In addition to our normal sanitation, we are double washing every material item

           and using additional disinfectant on all non material objects. COVID porch drop

           offs are still available upon request.  We understand that these are trying times 

           for everyone and are taking every precaution to ensure safety for our customers.

           If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call, so that 

           we can discuss with you on a personal level.

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